A Son'a disruptor pistol

Disruptor pistols were energy weapons similar to Starfleet's phaser sidearms. The disruptor normally only had two settings: stun and kill. The Klingons, Romulans, and Breen used this type of weapon. (Star Trek Generations)

In 2371, Sub-Commander T'Rul of the Romulan military carried a disruptor pistol as her personal sidearm during the USS Defiant's first scouting mission into the Gamma Quadrant. When the ship was boarded by Jem'Hadar, she killed at least one of the Dominion warriors with it. (DS9: "The Search, Part I")

Quark carried a disruptor pistol with him while serving as ship's cook onboard a Ferengi freighter. As he explained it, the freighter crew were not overly fond of his cooking, necessitating the need to protect himself. In 2372, Rom used several parts of his brother's pistol to repair the bar's replicators, and had failed to return them by the time the Klingons were preparing to attack Deep Space 9. (DS9: "The Way of the Warrior")

Quark's pistol had either been repaired or replaced by 2375, when he accompanied the Defiant to AR-558. After his nephew Ensign Nog was wounded, Quark used it to kill a Jem'Hadar who broke into the Starfleet base camp. (DS9: "The Siege of AR-558")

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