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This is a list of personnel and patients associated with Division 14, who were stationed either at "The Farm" on Endicronimas V, or on their transport, the Osler.

The Farm staff []

Osler crew[]

Edosian medical specialist []

Edosian medical specialist

The medical specialist

This Edosian medical specialist was a member of Division 14, and served as the commanding officer of the Osler in 2380.

After a transporter accident, Ensign Brad Boimler became stuck in a state of "phasing" that rendered him unable to complete his duties. As a result, the Osler was summoned, and this specialist retrieved Boimler alongside Ensign D'Vana Tendi and her genetically engineered creation, The Dog. The three of them were the last to be retrieved before the ship returned to The Farm and offloaded its collected "freaks".

Shortly before arrival, the "freaks" planned an insurrection against the specialist, believing that "The Farm" was a myth, and that they were pushed aside by uncaring Starfleet admirals who labeled them as "inconvenient." Upon arriving at the paradise planet, the specialist reflected that he bore some guilt in this; wondering aloud if he should have the ship painted brighter colors and if he should "turn on some lights" to make the operation less menacing.

During his brief time aboard the USS Cerritos, the expert wore a black mask that covered the lower part of his face. (LD: "Much Ado About Boimler")

This specialist was voiced by Fred Tatasciore.

Security guards []

During the Osler's multi-month mission, these two guards were posted outside the quarters of the various "freaks". When Boimler alerted the Division 14 medical specialist of a possible mutiny, these personnel accompanied the specialist to quell the insurrection. (LD: "Much Ado About Boimler")


This is The Farm!

Multiple passengers aboard the Osler


Unnamed []