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A docking clamp or mooring clamp was a mechanical device by which one object is held to another, such as a starship held in place while docked at space stations. Ships were unable to leave until the docking clamps were released. On NX-class starships, emergency docking clamps could be activated. (ENT: "Bounty")


Damaged docking clamp

A docking clamp fired upon

Mooring claps, Starbase 1

Mooring clamps at Starbase 1

In 2153, Shuttlepod 2 assisted Shuttlepod 1 escaping from the Seleya by firing phase cannons at the docking clamps. (ENT: "Impulse")

In January 2155 of the mirror universe, Commander Jonathan Archer ordered Lieutenant commander T'Pol to release the docking clamps of the USS Defiant. T'Pol, however, was unable to because of damage to the ship. After the ship's deflector shields were raised, Major Malcolm Reed reported that they were weakening the clamps, but they were still holding. Archer then alternated the ship's port and starboard thrusters and this was sufficient to shake the docking clamps loose. (ENT: "In a Mirror, Darkly, Part II")

In February 2258 of the alternate reality, Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu told Captain Christopher Pike that all mooring clamps of Starbase 1 were retracted and that thrusters were firing. (Star Trek)

In February 2259 of the alternate reality, Captain James T. Kirk told Lieutenant Hikaru Sulu to retract all mooring clamps before the USS Enterprise departed from Starbase 1. (Star Trek Into Darkness)

In March 2285, Captain Spock told Lieutenant Saavik to clear all mooring clamps before the USS Enterprise departed from the drydock orbiting Earth. (Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan)

In 2285, Commander Hikaru Sulu reported to Admiral James T. Kirk that the mooring clamps were activated when the USS Enterprise docked at the Spacedock One. (Star Trek III: The Search for Spock)

The USS Enterprise-D was held by docking clamps while inside Starbase 74. (TNG: "11001001")

In 2369, Odo suggested that Deep Space 9 explode its mooring clamps so that Captain Jaheel could not blow his ship apart when he was forced to stay due to the aphasia virus moving through the station. (DS9: "Babel")

While under the influence of the Saltah'na energy spheres, Major Kira Nerys sealed the docking clamps of the Valerian transport, believing it was shipping dolamide explosives. (DS9: "Dramatis Personae")

In 2370, Kira Nerys ordered that the docking clamps not be released on Vedek Winn's ship, as Winn was carrying a known collaborator. (DS9: "The Collaborator")

Docking latches, structural devices aboard Galaxy-class starships used to connect the saucer section to the stardrive section after a saucer separation, could be called docking clamps since they "clamped" shut the saucer section to the stardrive section. (TNG: "Hollow Pursuits")

Type 11 shuttle docking clamps

The docking clamps of a Type 11 shuttlecraft

The Type 11 shuttlecraft were equipped with dorsal docking clamps and an airlock. In 2375, a shuttle from the USS Enterprise-E used these to attach to a Federation mission scoutship piloted by lieutenant commander Data. (Star Trek: Insurrection)