Doctari Alpha was the site of a Human-Vulcan research facility that was destroyed by a Klingon "terror raid" sometime during the early 2230s. The attack coincided with a nearby supernova.

Michael Burnham's parents were killed during the attack on Doctari Alpha. Three days before the attack, they had prepared to take Michael to Mars for a vacation, but Michael had asked to stay and witness the supernova, so the family remained at the outpost. When the attack took place, her parents hid her in a cabinet before Klingons could storm their residence. They entered the dwelling despite her father's effort to barricade the door, and killed him almost immediately, but fought with her mother before killing her. They then sat down to the family's table and ate their dinner. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello", "Lethe", "Will You Take My Hand?")

Sarek of Vulcan would adopt Burnham following the attack. (DIS: "Lethe") Later, during her Vulcan schooling, a skill dome would elicit an emotional response from Burnham by asking questions about the raid on Doctari Alpha and number of survivors, showing images of the attack. (DIS: "The Vulcan Hello")

While the outpost was described as a Human-Vulcan science outpost in "The Vulcan Hello" and "Will You Take My Hand?", in "Lethe" Burnham describes it simply as a Vulcan outpost.
Doctari Alpha bears a similar name to Dak-Alpha, a Federation colony in the Seventeenth UK Story Arc.
According to the revised edition of the Stellar Cartography: The Starfleet Reference Library ("History of the United Federation of Planets"), Doctari Alpha was located in the Beta Quadrant.