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Don McMillan is an actor and comedian who co-starred as a Hirogen hunter in the Star Trek: Voyager seventh season episode "Flesh and Blood".

McMillan graduated from Stanford University in California with a Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering in 1982. He worked as an engineer at AT&T, where he was part of the team which developed the first 32-bit microprocessor. He then spent six years as a computer chip designer at VLSI Technology before winning the 16th Annual San Francisco International Stand-Up Comedy Competition in 1991, after which he decided to become a stand-up comedian.

In 1993, McMillan became the $100,000 Grand Champion on the popular televised talent contest, Star Search. He later appeared on such programs as The Tonight Show and The Larry King Show. As a comedian and former computer engineer, McMillan is known for using Microsoft PowerPoint presentations in his act, which is thus referred to as "Corporate Comedy."

As an actor, McMillan has worked on several commercials, most notably for Budweiser. In 1998, he appeared as a bartender in a fifth season episode of the science fiction series Babylon 5 which also featured Walter Koenig. His film credits have included Macon County Jail (starring Charles Napier), Air Bud: World Pup (with Duncan Regehr), and Life Without Dick (also featuring Geoffrey Blake, Brigid Brannagh, John Eddins, Teri Garr, Holmes Osborne, and Ian Patrick Williams).

McMillan co-wrote, produced, and starred in the 2007 comedy film Don: Plain & Tall, in which he played a computer engineer who decides to become a comedian, much like himself. This film won in the category of "Best Feature – Comedy" at the Back East Film Festival.

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