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Donald "Don" Richard Rode (born 9 January 1937; age 83) was a film editor on Star Trek: The Original Series. He worked as an assistant film editor on the first season, then he was promoted to full-time editor in the last two seasons of the show. He was nominated twice for an Emmy Award for Individual Achievements in Film and Sound Editing for his work in 1968 and 1969 as that category's sole nominee, but did not win either of them.

As an assistant editor in the first season, Rode, in conjuncture with Producer Robert Justman, was responsible for making the "next voyage" promos for next week's episode, and the "blooper reels" for the annual studio Christmas party. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, 1997, p. 178)

It was Rode who discovered the fate of the unused, but shot footage for the production of Star Trek, which included deleted scenes, outtakes, behind-the-scenes footage, as well as his own, later in Star Trek-lore famed, blooper reels. When Rode needed previously shot, but unused, alternate USS Enterprise visual effects footage for one of the third season episodes during the pre-production of that season in the summer of 1968, he went down to the fireproof vaults where the studio habitually kept this footage, only to find it cleaned out and to be informed by a security guard that Gene Roddenberry and Majel Barret had only a few days earlier backed up a van and cleared out the fault of all its contents. The security guard was told by Roddenberry that the studio intended to discard the footage as garbage. Rode dutifully reported back to his immediate studio superior Herbert F. Solow. Knowing and liking Roddenberry for what he was on a personal level and usually turning a blind eye to his notorious antics, a now irate Solow reported the theft to his Desilu/Paramount superiors, for this action actually interfered with the series' production proper. However, and much to Solow's surprise, "everybody pretended not to know what had happened". The footage the future Roddenberry couple absconded with, was shortly thereafter, either as short clippings or as framed stills, cut from these clippings, sold as merchandise through their company, Lincoln Enterprises. Rode had to do with stock-footage of the Enterprise. (Inside Star Trek: The Real Story, 1997, pp. 400-401)

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