Dopterian interceptor

A Dopterian interceptor

A Dopterian interceptor was an automated, hovering attack weapon employed by the Dopterians.

When selling weapons in 2373, Quark used a holographic Dopterian interceptor as a target to test a Breen CRM 114. (DS9: "Business as Usual")

Background information Edit

Dopterian interceptor concept art

John Eaves sketch of target robot

The Dopterian interceptor's name appeared in an early draft of the script, and was not referred to by name in the aired episode.

The model was designed by illustrator John Eaves in January 1997. Based on the description on Eaves' sketch, this weapon was essentially a heavily armed, flying automated torso.

Labeled components of note on the sketch include "robotic head", "targeting and sensor arrays", "hover ports", "omni-directional main propulsion thrusters" and a combination of twin "overarm arms", "underarm arms" and "foot arms" totaling six directed-energy weapons.

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