For the Klingon daughter of W'mar, please see Doran, daughter of W'mar.

Doran was a female Human civilian during the mid-24th century.

In 2366, Doran was aboard the USS Saratoga when the ship engaged a Borg cube at the Battle of Wolf 359. As the ship took heavy damage, the warp core began to lose containment. Realizing the ship would soon be destroyed, first officer Lieutenant Commander Benjamin Sisko ordered everyone to abandon ship.

After leaving the bridge, Commander Sisko ran into Doran in a corridor. He asked her if she had seen his wife, Jennifer, but Doran was too shaken up to answer him. She was then taken to an escape pod by the ship's tactical officer while Sisko searched for his family. (DS9: "Emissary")


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Doran was played by Lynnda Ferguson.

The script for "Emissary" simply describes her as, "a wounded woman struggling to get down the hallway..." Of the moment Sisko speaks to her, it says, "She looks at Sisko with mournful eyes... and his heart jumps into his throat..." [1]

According to, the Saratoga conn officer whom the Prophets impersonate when speaking to Sisko, is actually Doran. However, this officer was wearing a Starfleet uniform at the time of the Borg attack, and is played by a different actor in the episode, making this incorrect.


In the Tales of the Dominion War short story "Requital", Doran is one of the forms the Bajoran Prophets take to speak with Commander Sisko in 2369. The story also reveals that Doran specialized in planetary science, was Jennifer Sisko's closest friend and that her quarters on the Saratoga were located next to the Siskos.

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