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Dorothy Hack (born 19 January 1939; age 82) is an actress who appeared as recurring Bajoran woman in several episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine.

Born as daughter to actor Herman Hack and actress Signe Hack, Dorothy Hack had her first "acting" work as an infant in the drama Invitation to Happiness (1939) and in the drama My Son, My Son! (1940).

Further acting work includes the crime drama Mildred Pierce (1945), the musical Up in Central Park (1948), the romance One Sunday Afternoon (1948, with Gail Bonney), the comedy Athena (1954), the Western Love Me Tender (1956, with William Campbell), the drama King Creole (1958, with Lilyan Chauvin), and the adventure The Light in the Forest (1958, with Kay E. Kuter).

She worked as background actress on episodes of The Andy Griffith Show (1962), Bonanza (1967, with Kim Darby), and Petticoat Junction (1970), the family drama The Biscuit Eater (1972, directed by Vincent McEveety), the drama Mask (1985, with Cher, Lawrence Monoson, Andrew Robinson, and Wayne Grace), the science fiction sequel Back to the Future Part III (1990, with Christopher Lloyd and Mike Watson), and the television series Remington Steele and Hudson Street (1995-1996).

Since 1959, Hack has been married to retired stuntman Stephen Burnette.


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