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Dorothy Jones Heydt (born 6 June 1942; age 77), originally Dorothy Jones, is a linguist who beginning in 1967 had a series of Star Trek stories, "Dorothy and Myfanwy", published in Ruth Berman's fanzine T-Negative. The stories featured characters closely based on herself and a college friend in their first tour or duty aboard the USS Enterprise. She also had poetry and articles published in the first Trek fanzine, Spockanalia.

Jones can be credited with creating one of the first Vulcan languages that went beyond a simple word list. An article for Spockanalia described the structure of the language in detail. The language was an immediate hit with fans, and it was used by several other fan authors. The phrase ni var, meaning "two form", was especially popular as it described a Vulcan art-form that was easy enough to duplicate by Terrans writing in English.

Jones was also the originator of the idea that became the Star Trek Concordance published by Bjo Trimble in the 1960s and 1970s. She is mentioned in Joan Winston's Star Trek Lives!, and in Joan Verba's book about Star Trek fanzines and writing, Boldly Writing, which includes her ni var poem "The Territory of Rigel".

None of Jones' Star Trek stories have ever been published professionally. Her gamer novel A Point of Honor was published by DAW Books in 1998. Her short stories have appeared in anthologies such as Sword of Chaos and Sword and Sorceress.

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