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This summary is of a story arc from the newspaper comic strip Star Trek.

The Enterprise provides a safe haven to two Klingon fugitives under sentence of death.


While on a survey of the planet Telos, a Vegan-manufactured fusion-powered freighter from 2150 approaches the USS Enterprise. Held in a tractor beam, the ship starts to break up and the crew is beamed on board. They are two Klingons in civilian clothes, Morg and his sister Chetar. Claiming to be under sentence of death for having spoken out against the Klingon government, the two demand sanctuary. Kirk grants it temporarily until they can get to a starbase. Just then, a K't'inga-class ship arrives, and its captain demands the two fugitives. While the two ships engage in a standoff, Morg and Chetar are constantly at odds with the crew on everything. Finally, after fights with Chekov and other security guards, the two ask Kirk if they can just leave on their ship. They have come to the conclusion that they would not fit in with Federation culture. Kirk launches their shuttle while simultaneously launching two pods at right angles to their flight path. This fools the Klingon battle cruiser and the fugitives escape.

Memorable quotes

"Vulcan, if this is a trick I'll tie those ears in a bow!"

- Morg, suspicious of Spock

Background information

  • A "tractor team" of two people is shown working the tractor beam.
  • Neither the Federation nor Klingon ships evidence the ability to read life signs at a distance, as the Enterprise does not know it is beaming aboard Klingons until it does so, and the Klingon ship cannot tell the pods are empty at the end.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Morg
  • Chetar

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