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Double Negative (or DNeg as it is also referred to) is a London, UK-based digital visual effects (VFX) company, founded in 1998, and one of their first accounts became Lucasfilm, who contracted the company as support for their main VFX vendor ILM for the effects of the Star Wars main saga's prequel trilogy. [1]

In 2015 the company became a major CGI provider for Star Trek Beyond. [2] The company had special "Behind the Screens" screening events organized at their Vancouver, Canada branch on 3 October, [3] and at their London, UK headquarters on 15 November 2016, [4] in order to showcase and explain to the audience their work they had done for the film.

Pursuant their work on Beyond, the company was contracted to support main VFX vendor Pixomondo with the effects work for the second season of Star Trek: Discovery, though they remained uncredited for it. The company continued to do so for the second season episodes "Ask Not" and "Children of Mars" of Star Trek: Short Treks (also including the first season episode "The Brightest Star" according to their website, albeit uncredited), as well as for the effects of Star Trek: Picard, credited this time around in both cases.

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note: This list is currently incomplete, as, for the television productions in particular, only the by the company itself credited (senior) staffers are known for certain. Other credits are derived from the individuals' IMDb entries, but who are confirmed on the official company website as (ex-)employees, the unconfirmed ones excepted.

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