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Douglas Alan Shanklin is the actor who appeared as a Starfleet prison guard in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. His stunts were performed by Jeffrey S. Jensen.

Shanklin made guest appearances in several television series in the '80s, including Dynasty (1983, with Joan Collins), Matt Houston (1983, with Jeff Imada, Henry Kingi, Sr., and Mickey Morton), Three's Company (1984), Otherworld (1985, with Jonathan Banks, Larry Cedar, Alex Daniels, and Carolyn Seymour), J.J. Starbuck (1987, with David Huddleston, Jay Underwood, Katherine Moffat, Eric Server, David Selburg, and Carolyne Barry), Fantasy Island (with Ricardo Montalban), and Who's The Boss?.

His feature film credits include the horror thriller Force of Darkness (1985), the science fiction television film J.O.E. and the Colonel (1985, with William Lucking, Allan Miller, Branscombe Richmond, and Gary Kasper), the comedy Hunk (1987, with Hilary Shepard), and the action film Dark Rider (1991).

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