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A drakoulias

A drakoulias was a large, furry, quadrupedal predator native to the ice planet Delta Vega. It made a distinct sound while attacking.

In 2258 of the alternate reality, a drakoulias attacked James T. Kirk, who was marooned on Delta Vega. Before the drakoulias could reach him, however, a hengrauggi burst out from the ground, grabbed the drakoulias, and threw it into a mountain. (Star Trek)

Background information

The drakoulias was designed by Neville Page. It is named after Star Trek music supervisor George Drakoulias. Its name was not referenced on screen, but comes from official production sources and is used on licensed products for the film. [1] The film's production team also called the animal a "polarilla", as it was designed as a cross between a polar bear and a gorilla. [2] It was called a "polarilla" in the script of the movie, which also described it as "horrifying" and, more specifically, "an eleven foot-tall cross between a polar bear and a gorilla." [3]

The virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals has an image of the Delta Vega Drakoulias on card #43.

The Nibiru riding animal from Star Trek Into Darkness was a modified version of the Drakoulias model.

In the novelization of Star Trek, Kirk mutters to himself that this creature resembles the "bastard offspring" of a polar bear and a gorilla.