Dramia II was the second planet in the Dramen star system. It was inhabited by several hundred Dramens, but almost abandoned after a plague in 2251.

A grey planet with grey skies, it was characterized by flat terrain broken up by rocky outcroppings, and small shrubs with spiral branches. It contained large caves with dripping stalactites.

In 2251, Dramia II was visited by Leonard McCoy, who was the head of a Mass-inoculation program on the planet. While on Dramia II, McCoy saved a Dramian colonist, named Kol-Tai, from a strain of the Saurian virus. Shortly after McCoy departed, the colony was hit by an auroral plague. The Dramens believed there were no survivors, though there was one, Kol-Ta. McCoy was blamed for their deaths.

However, a few Dramens continued to live on the planet. These were inhabitants that had been away at the time of the plague, and upon returning to find that their families had succumbed, chose to live on the planet in desolation.

In 2270, McCoy returned to the system and was arrested and charged for the mass murder of Dramia II's inhabitants. His ship, the Enterprise, investigated Dramia II, finding that the remaining Dramens now present did not like outsiders, even other Dramens. They were clothed in rags and dwelt in caves.

McCoy later found an antidote for the plague and was cleared of all charges. (TAS: "Albatross")

According to the script on the surface, "the planet is a study in desolation; it is the outer space equivalent of "Devil's Island"–if Devil's Island were a leper colony." It was also described as having a "moon-like landscape."
According to Star Trek: Star Charts ("United Federation of Planets I"), in 2378, Dramia II was a Federation member.
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