Auroral plague

Kirk suffers from the auroral plague.

The Dramia II plague, also called the auroral plague, was an plague which struck the Dramen planet of Dramia II in 2251. The Dramen believed there were no survivors, though in reality there was a single one.

It was characterized by pigmentation changes in skin of victim, debilitation, and death. The pigmentation changes came in a distinct pattern of the victim first turning blue, then green, and finally red. The terminal stage started while victims were green.

Certain species were known to have natural immunity, notably Vulcan. However, Humans and Edosians were found to be affected in the same way as Dramens.

The plague hit Dramia II soon after Doctor Leonard McCoy departed the planet after administering a mass inoculation to its inhabitants. The plague wiped out nearly all of Dramia II's population.

Prior to 2270, it was of unknown origin, though the Dramens blamed a Federation mass-inoculation program. A 2270 Starfleet investigation however determined that the cause for this color change was due to aurora interference. An antidote was developed based on Saurian virus antibodies after finding someone who had survived after being treated for the virus. (TAS: "Albatross")

A line by Sulu implied, though not outright stated, that the disease might kill within 24 hours.
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