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This page contains information regarding Star Trek: Prodigy, and thus may contain spoilers.

For Native American cultural object, please see dreamcatcher.

The crew has their first away mission on an undiscovered planet that manifests their deepest desires, only to realize the planet has desires of its own.


Act I

Dal makes his first captain's log. Janeway has been teaching the kids some of the basics of spaceflight. They learned about autopilot and plotting courses, and Dal hopes that if they keep moving and avoid trouble, that trouble should avoid them (such as the Diviner). A proximity alert brings the crew to the bridge, where Janeway informs them of a discovery of a Class M planet with elevated thoron emissions and no sentient lifeforms on scanners in the Hirogen system. As it is protocol for Federation starships to explore uncharted planets they discover, Janeway suggests they investigate. Even though the rest of the crew is excited for their first away mission, Dal is reluctant for fear of giving the Diviner a chance to catch up. However, when Hologram Janeway threatens to report their conduct to Starfleet Command, he acquiesces.

As the USS Protostar lands on the unidentified planet, the crew marvel at how green and beautiful the landscape is. Zero sets her down somewhat crudely, which doesn't stop them from assessing their work as "perfect" as the ship crashes to halt on the rocks. In the brig, Rok-Tahk places heavier restraints on Gwyn, who sardonically asks Dal whatever happened to them potentially being friends. Later, Janeway outfits the crew with phasers and tricorders, and shows them the Runaway. As they leave to collect samples, Janeway asks them to look out for each other, however she's already lost their attention to the beauty and their fascination of the planet.

Zero immediately begins investigating the abundance of flora despite the lack of nutrients in the soil. They ask Dal how this could be, but instead their self-appointed Captain is taking the Runaway for a joy ride. Rok-Tahk thought they were going on an adventure together, however she sees something pretty before dwelling on it for too long. As she trudges off into the sandy grasses, she fails to notice the slithering vines creeping from behind.

Act II

Back on the ship, Murf watches Gwyn in the brig.


Dal rushes to collect the others.

Log entries

"Captain's Log, Stardate...I don't know. Janeway thinks we're cadets. she told me to log whatever my crew has been up to, but there's not much to report. Since we almost flew directly into a dying star, Janeway thought it might be nice to teach us some basics on how to pilot a starship. And she taught us the wonders of autopilot. She also trained us how to plot a course to avoid anything that might try to hurt us... like our Diviner who's probably not pleased we took his daughter. The more distance we put between us and Tars Lamora, the better. But big picture, As long as our course is set to avoid any trouble, we shouldn't have any. Right?"

Memorable quotes

Background information


  • The title was officially announced by Paramount+ on 8 November 2021. [1]
  • In publicity and on the Paramount+ app, the title was written as "Dreamcatcher", but the title card in the episode itself reads "Dream Catcher".


  • Accompanying promotional material for the episode included Set a Course with Kate Mulgrew focused on the lesson of looking out for friends. [2]


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A class planet; abandon ship; adult; astrophysics; autopilot; away mission; bridge; brig; butt; cadet; captain's log, USS Protostar; chamber; chassis; cilium; cilium-like vegetation; combadge; command and control systems; "coochie-coo"; course; daughter; disruptor; dum-dum; fear; flora; gas; glade; grab handle; green; hedge maze; Hirogen star system (aka Hirogen system); holo-steering; hour; hungry; information technology; ion propulsion; impulse steering; kiss; landing strut (aka landing gear); leather; life; liftoff; linguistics; log; M class; manacle; Murder Planet; nacelle; non-corporeal; nutrient; plot; prey; progeny; pronto; Protostar-type shuttlecraft (Shuttle 06); proximity alert; Rev-12; ring system; Runaway (07); seat; sentient lifeform (aka intelligent life); soil; souvenir; space flu; space suit; spore; Starfleet; starship mechanics; stew; stun; superorganism; superstructure; Tars Lamora; Tellar sleeper ship; thoron emission; thrusters; training advisor; tricorder; tritanium; type 1 phaser; United Federation of Planets; ventral

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