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Drednok was an artificial lifeform who served as The Diviner's advisor and majordomo at the Tars Lamora prison colony during the late 24th century.


Drednok's full body

Drednok had a humanoid upper body and a spider-like lower body with four legs, which he usually kept concealed beneath a cloak. His legs allowed him to climb sheer surfaces and leap long distances. There were two tentacles attached to his back that ended in manipulator claws similar to those found on the Watchers. A holographic projector was incorporated into his left palm. He could combine his arms to form a large phaser cannon powerful enough to threaten a starship. When firing, he needed to anchor himself to the ground with his dorsal tentacles. (PRO: "Lost and Found")


While Chakotay was captain of the USS Protostar, Drednok boarded the ship to unknown effect.

In 2366, having grown weak over his years of searching for the USS Protostar, the Diviner requested that Drednok create a progeny for him. Drednok objected, stating that to do so would be to defy the Order and that an offspring represented an emotional liability. The Diviner countered that the Order would be irrelevant if his species died with him, and that they were close to achieving their goal. Drednok relented and created a daughter for the Diviner, Gwyndala. (PRO: "Kobayashi")

In 2383, Drednok oversaw the hunt for Fugitive Zero. He wished to torture Dal R'El for information on Zero's whereabouts, but the Diviner allowed Gwyn to attempt to persuade Dal to cooperate first. After Dal was sentenced to work on the outer rim, Drednok arranged for him to "escape" and tracked him to the Protostar. However, he was unable to prevent the Protostar from escaping Tars Lamora. (PRO: "Lost and Found") Drednok subsequently quelled a riot by The Unwanted, before preparing the Rev-12 for launch and accompanying the Diviner in his pursuit of the Protostar. (PRO: "Starstruck")

Later, when the Rev-12 was contacted by Gwyn, after she had temporarily taken control of the Protostar, Drednok told her that they had been looking for her. Drednok subsequently attempted to capture the runaways on the "Murder Planet", though they were able to elude him after he was attacked by the planet's cilium-like vegetation. (PRO: "Dream Catcher", "Terror Firma")

Later that year, another Drednok was constructed, via remote command, aboard the Protostar by the ship's vehicle replicator. This duplicate had Drednok's memories and personality, and nearly took control of the ship before being ejected into space by Gwyn. (PRO: "Time Amok")

When the Protostar returned to Tars Lamora in early 2384, Drednok deactivated the Watchers and accompanied the Diviner aboard the ship while the crew remained on the asteroid. He then rewrote the Hologram Janeway to serve the Diviner's goals. (PRO: "A Moral Star, Part 1")

After it was discovered that the ship's proto-core had been removed, the Diviner returned to Tars Lamora and Drednok beamed to the Rev-12 to retrieve it. After fighting Rok-Tahk and Jankom Pog, he transmitted the coordinates of the core back to the Protostar before being mobbed by the Unwanted and ultimately beheaded by a Caitian child. (PRO: "A Moral Star, Part 2")



Background information

Drednok is voiced by Jimmi Simpson.

Simpson described his character as a more verbose version of the character Maximilian from the film The Black Hole. [1]