Drennik was a Vissian and the captain of a starship who, in 2153, encountered Enterprise NX-01 when both ships were observing a hypergiant star.

Drennik explained that meeting new species was one of the Vissians primary goals, and Archer invited him to dinner on board the Enterprise. Drennik and Archer became friends and Drennik invited Archer aboard his stratopod which he flew deep within the gas giant. The friendship became strained when Commander Tucker interfered with a cogenitor, a third gender of Vissian that was necessary for reproduction. The cogenitors were without rights, and Tucker convinced the cogenitor to ask for asylum. Drennik became furious and demanded that the cogenitor be returned to his ship, stating that the Enterprise's crew had no right to interfere with Vissian society. The cogenitor was sent back to Drennik's ship. As the captains bid farewell, Drennik hoped the incident wouldn't interfere with the two species' future relationship. A few days later an upset Drennik contacted Archer and informed him that the cogenitor had committed suicide. (ENT: "Cogenitor")

Drennik was played by recurring actor Andreas Katsulas.
In the final draft script of "Cogenitor", this character was commonly referred to as "Vissian Captain", even after his name of "Drennik" was established. Also in the script, Drennik was described as "a handsome, charming man in his early 60's."

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