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The Narada's drill platform over Vulcan

Overview of drill platform

The drill platform was a part of the Romulan mining ship Narada that could be lowered into the atmosphere of a planet or planetoid for mining operations. Comprised of a high-energy pulse device that emitted a signal that disrupted subspace communications and transporters, it fired a orange-yellow colored high-intensity energy beam capable of burning through a planetary crust to reach the core.

In 2258 of an alternate reality, it was used to drill a hole through the crust of the planet Vulcan, enabling Nero to shoot a red matter bomb to the core of the planet, resulting in its destruction by a black hole. Prior to Vulcan's destruction, Kirk, Sulu, and Olson space-jumped to the platform in an attempt to sabotage the drill with explosive charges before the beam could reach the planet's core. Olson activated his parachute too close to the platform and was killed when the lines caught the edge, swinging him into the full force of the beam. Kirk and Sulu subsequently landed on the platform and were immediately engaged in hand-to-hand combat with two Romulans stationed on the platform as a defensive measure. After killing the Romulan guards, Kirk and Sulu used the guards' disruptor rifles to destroy the platform, disabling the drill. However, they were too late; the core had been reached and the red matter bomb launched.

The drill was eventually destroyed above San Francisco on Earth when Spock, piloting the Jellyfish, severed the cable connecting it to the Narada with weapons fire. The platform then crashed into San Francisco Bay near the Golden Gate Bridge. (Star Trek)

The drill itself was identified as a "plasma drill" in the script.
The drill platform is pictured on card #69 of the 2013 virtual collectible card battle game Star Trek: Rivals.

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