"Captain, you are an excellent starship commander. But as a taxi driver, you leave much to be desired."
– Spock, 2268 ("A Piece of the Action")
Taxi driver 1986

A taxi driver in 1986

A driver was anyone who was operating a vehicle, particularly land-based vehicles such as the formal occupation of driving taxicabs (taxi drivers) and limousines (chauffeurs). (TOS: "A Piece of the Action"; DS9: "The Storyteller") By the 24th century it was also a synonym for a pilot. (VOY: "Vis à Vis")

The chair where drivers usually sat was known as the driver's seat. (ENT: "The Catwalk")

The 1951 Earth movie Appointment with Danger featured actor Murray Alper as a taxi driver. (ENT: "Impulse")

Upon nearly colliding with a time traveling James T. Kirk, a taxi driver employed by Cab Co. used a colorful metaphor to criticize him in 1986 San Francisco. (Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home)

In 2256, Gabriel Lorca told Michael Burnham that he was not a chauffeur and didn't offer free rides, so she'd have to work onboard the USS Discovery. (DIS: "Context Is for Kings")

On Sigma Iotia II in 2268, Spock told Kirk that his abilities as a taxi driver left much to be desired after Kirk had difficulty operating a car on the planet. (TOS: "A Piece of the Action")

In 2369, Chief Miles O'Brien asked to be replaced by Ensign Boyer as runabout pilot, claiming he'd be little more than a chauffeur. (DS9: "The Storyteller")

In 2373, while in the backseat of a limousine with Falcon's girl, Julian Bashir told his driver to stop the car so Odo could speak to him. (DS9: "A Simple Investigation")

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