Drusilla was the personal slave of Proconsul Claudius Marcus on planet 892-IV in 2268. Extremely attractive, she was described by Claudius as "a lovely thing."

Having taken Starfleet captain James Kirk prisoner, Claudius assigned Drusilla as Kirk's slave for a night, after deciding that Kirk should be put to death the next day, explaining that he wished to give Kirk "some last hours as a man." Initially, Kirk was wary, believing that Drusilla was participating in an elaborate scheme to gain information, but was eventually convinced that she was being honest, and subsequently became intimate with her. (TOS: "Bread and Circuses")

Drusilla was played by actress Lois Jewell.
In The Autobiography of James T. Kirk, Drusilla had a son named Eugino, whom McCoy believed to be Kirk's son from their intimate time together.
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