Trelane's dueling pistols

Trelane's dueling pistols

A dueling pistol was a pistol used in a classical duel.

In 2267, Trelane challenged Captain James T. Kirk to a duel using a pair of his personal dueling pistols. A comparable pair of such pistols had been used in a duel which had killed Alexander Hamilton. (TOS: "The Squire of Gothos")

The Belgian made dueling pistols are of the French style, and were usually offered as either flintlock or percussion capped firearms. These were retrofitted as rolling block actions, i.e. breach load single shot. The slabs on the side of the wood where the lock mechanism (the hammer, pan and frizzen for flintlocks, or nipple for percussion cap) would be, are noticeably blank, and the rolling block mechanism can be seen directly behind the barrel. They were provided to the show by Ellis Mercantile and were chambered in .38 short cartridge. (thanks to GM45 & PhoenixEnt) [1]

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