Dukat's shuttle airlock

Shuttle airlock

Dukat's shuttle was a vessel that Gul Dukat regularly used when he had to travel from Terok Nor. Dukat required Major Kira Nerys to welcome him, in her dress uniform, at the airlock each time he returned.

On one particular day the shuttle was scheduled to arrive at 1500 hours, Quark gave Kira a three minute warning that "it's time", which upon hearing, Jake Sisko remarked how he knew of Dukat's expectations of Kira. In this case, the shuttle carried Damar, Dukat, and Dukat's daughter, Tora Ziyal. Damar observed that Kira was not wearing her dress uniform on that occasion. (DS9: "Sons and Daughters")

Aside from the shuttle's airlock; This shuttle was only mentioned in dialogue.
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