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Run time: 45 minutes
Release date: 19 March 1995

E! Inside Star Trek: Voyager is a documentary produced by the E! Entertainment Television channel which is now owned by NBCUniversal. It was hosted by Robert Duncan McNeill and aired on 19 March 1995 on E!.

This 45 minutes documentary gives a behind the scenes look at the production on the first season of Star Trek: Voyager and interviews from the special effects department, the makeup department, the props department, and the costume department. It also includes several clips from Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, a look at script pronounciation guides, Trekker trivia, and headlines in Klingonese.

Host Robert Duncan McNeill

Robert Beltran confesses that he is the one cast member who had the most problems with technobabble, Ethan Phillips names the "ready room"-set as his most favorite, Garrett Wang gives a tour through the engineering and transporter room sets, Robert Picardo through the sickbay set, and Kate Mulgrew through the bridge set. Also mentioned is that Picardo's "The Doctor" was referred to as "Doc Zimmerman" during the production.

The documentary also offers a look at the Star Trek conventions and the cast members talk about their experiences with the fans and an interview about Star Trek fashion with fashion expert Richard Blackwell.


In order of appearance:


Show Producer/Writer
Raymond C. Slaboda
Segment Producers
Peter Facer
Deborah Kentis
Abby Leatherman
Jeffrey Shore
Associate Producer
Scott Paridon
Dale Beaty
Dave Collier
Mark Cridland
Alan Henderson
Michael Hall
Pete Skaggs
Eng Camera
Keith Ebow
George Ellis
Harold Henderson
Sheila Higgins
Jesse Lucio
Chris McBrier
Eng Audio
Brett Brooke
Greg Cannizzaro
Oscar Delgado
John Scarpazzi
Tim Selders
Production Coordinator
Debra Morris-Durzi
Rights and Clearances
Amy Barraclough
Production Assistant
Allison Lucas
Clip Courtesy
Paramount Network Television/UPN
Star Trek: Voyager
Talent Executive
Kalen Gorman
Talent Assistant
Elycia Rubin
Design Director
Jill Taffet
David Sparrgrove
Graphics Production Manager
Karen Rainey
Elyse Schiller
Jim Watson
Jeanette Kordiak
Director of Talent
Bradly Bessey
Supervising Producer
Barbara Pepe
Executive Producer
Betsy Rott
Executive in Charge of Production
Marta Tracy
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