E'Lis was a female member of an alien species living in a deuterium mining colony in the 2150s.

She had experiences as medical practitioner and also cared for Q'ell who lost his father.

In 2152, E'Lis mentioned that their medical supplies went out when the colony's leader Tessic negotiated with Enterprise NX-01 Captain Jonathan Archer about the payment for two-hundred liters of deuterium. She then visited Doctor Phlox in sickbay to choose the medical equipment she needed. Her request for equipment to treat neural shock and a cardiostimulator caused Phlox to suspect that something more than plasma burns had been afflicting the colonists.

It was discovered that Klingon marauders were taking the deuterium and abusing the mining colony for the last five seasons. E'Lis was among those who agreed to fight off the Klingon marauders. (ENT: "Marauders")

E'Lis was played by actress Bari Hochwald. Her name comes from the script.
In the final draft script of "Marauders", E'Lis was described as "30's and attractive."
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