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Title Episode Production number Date US release date
"Shockwave, Part II" 2x01 40358-028 Unknown 2002-09-18
"Carbon Creek" 2x02 40358-027 2152-04-12 2002-09-25
"Minefield" 2x03 40358-029 Unknown 2002-10-02
"Dead Stop" 2x04 40358-031 Unknown 2002-10-09
"A Night in Sickbay" 2x05 40358-030 Unknown 2002-10-16
"Marauders" 2x06 40358-032 Unknown 2002-10-30
"The Seventh" 2x07 40358-033 Unknown 2002-11-06
"The Communicator" 2x08 40358-034 Unknown 2002-11-13
"Singularity" 2x09 40358-035 2152-08-14 2002-11-20
"Vanishing Point" 2x10 40358-036 Unknown 2002-11-27
"Precious Cargo" 2x11 40358-037 2152-09-12 2002-12-11
"The Catwalk" 2x12 40358-038 2152-09-18 2002-12-18
"Dawn" 2x13 40358-039 Unknown 2003-01-08
"Stigma" 2x14 40358-040 Unknown 2003-02-05
"Cease Fire" 2x15 40358-041 Unknown 2003-02-12
"Future Tense" 2x16 40358-042 Unknown 2003-02-19
"Canamar" 2x17 40358-043 Unknown 2003-02-26
"The Crossing" 2x18 40358-044 Unknown 2003-04-02
"Judgment" 2x19 40358-045 Unknown 2003-04-09
"Horizon" 2x20 40358-046 2153-01-10 2003-04-16
"The Breach" 2x21 40358-047 Unknown 2003-04-23
"Cogenitor" 2x22 40358-048 Unknown 2003-04-30
"Regeneration" 2x23 40358-049 2153-03-01 2003-05-07
"First Flight" 2x24 40358-050 Unknown 2003-05-14
"Bounty" 2x25 40358-051 2153-03-21 2003-05-14
"The Expanse" 2x26 40358-052 2153-04-24 2003-05-21


The second season of Star Trek: Enterprise sees less focus on the Temporal Cold War and the conflicts between Vulcan and Andoria. Instead, the season embraces a more episodic format than that of the previous year. However, some service is given to the aforementioned story arcs and a new one is introduced involving the Klingon Empire's attempts to capture and incarcerate Captain Archer. The biggest change to impact Enterprise occurs in the season finale, when an attack against Earth by the Xindi wipes out seven million people. Enterprise NX-01 is refitted and sent on a new mission: to locate the Xindi and do everything possible to prevent a second attack.

Background information[]

  • Star Trek Nemesis was released during the run of this season, two days after the airing of "Precious Cargo".
  • This is the first season of any Star Trek series not to be released on VHS in the UK, owing to the rise in popularity of DVD as a medium for home entertainment.
  • As the bulk of the writing staff had left in or after the first season, executive producer / showrunner Brannon Braga was desperate to find new staff writers for the series. He hired Emmy-nominated John Shiban, well-known as a writer and producer for The X-Files, who he hoped will be the "genius" of the show. However, Shiban, who brought his own ideas and wanted to "turn things upside down" met with resistance from the already established format and working methods of Star Trek, and left after one season due to creative differences. (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years)
  • Braga's other choice for staff was writer-producer Jose Molina, however, Molina received an offer to join the staff of Joss Whedon's new sci-fi series Firefly and chose that job instead. After Molina's refusal, Braga hired David A. Goodman, a former Futurama and Family Guy writer, and avid Star Trek fan, for the position. (The Fifty-Year Mission: The Next 25 Years)



Guest and co-stars[]


Based upon Star Trek created by

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Theme by

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Consulting Producer



Supervising Producers

Co-Executive Producer

Executive Producers

Associate Producer

Story Editor

Music by (Not a complete list)

  • Dennis McCarthy ("Shockwave, Part II", "Dead Stop", "The Communicator", "Stigma", "Future Tense", "Cogenitor", "The Expanse")
  • Jay Chattaway ("Carbon Creek", "The Seventh", "Vanishing Point", "The Catwalk", "Cease Fire", "The Breach", "Bounty")
  • David Bell ("Minefield", "Singularity", "Dawn")
  • Paul Baillargeon ("A Night in Sickbay", "Precious Cargo", "The Crossing", "First Flight")
  • Velton Ray Bunch ("Marauders", "Judgment")
  • Brian Tyler ("Canamar", "Regeneration")
  • Mark McKenzie ("Horizon")

Director of Photography

Production Designer


Unit Production Manager

First Assistant Director

Second Assistant Director

Casting by

Costume Designer

Set Decorator

Visual Effects Producer

Visual Effects Supervisor

Art Director

Scenic Art Supervisor/Technical Consultant

Make-Up Designed and Supervised by

Senior Illustrator

Set Designer

Property Master

Construction Coordinator

Scenic Artist

Video Supervisor

Video Operator

Script Supervisor

Special Effects

Assistant Editor

Visual Effects Coordinator

Visual Effects Assistant Editor

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Hair Designer

Make-Up Artists

Hair Stylists

Wardrobe Supervisor

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Chief Lighting Technician

Sound Mixer

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First Company Grip

Key Costumers

Music Editor

Supervising Sound Editor

Supervising Sound Effects Editor

Sound Editors

Production Coordinator

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Production Associates

Pre-Production Coordinator

Assistant to Producers

Production Accountant

Casting Executive

  • Sheila Guthrie, CSA

Casting Assistant

  • Christine L. Smith

Main Title Design by

Post Production Sound

  • Technicolor Sound Services

Digital Optical Effects

  • Complete Post, Inc.

Editing Facility

Computer Generated Effects

Filmed with Panavision Cameras and Lenses


  • Eric Adamson – Rigging Gaffer ("The Catwalk")
  • John Agalsoff – Boom Operator/Sound Utility ("The Catwalk")
  • Roger Bourse – Additional Electrician ("The Catwalk")
  • Ellis Burman – Lab Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Cameron Calder – Driver ("The Catwalk")
  • Ron Calvaruzo – Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Ian Christenberry – Lamp Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Byron Cohen – Still Photographer ("The Catwalk")
  • Laura Connolly – Hair Stylist ("The Catwalk")
  • Ron Cooper – Sound Department Utility/Boom Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Phyllis Corcoran-Woods – Costumer ("The Catwalk")
  • Brian Cotton – Additional Wardrobe ("The Catwalk")
  • Victor Covarrubias – Rigging Grip ("The Catwalk"; listed as V. Covarrubias)
  • Roxy D'Alonzo – Additional Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • David DeLeon – Additional Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Rebecca DeMorrio – Additional Hair Stylist ("The Catwalk")
  • Steve D'Errico – Set Security ("The Catwalk")
  • Jon Djanrelian – Craft Service ("The Catwalk")
  • Adrian Dominguez – Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Rene Dominguez – Best Boy Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Dennis Drozdowski – Special Effects Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Larry Dukes – Driver ("The Catwalk")
  • David Dunn – Swing Gang ("The Catwalk")
  • Gary Edelman – Transportation Captain ("The Catwalk")
  • Earl Ellis – Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Robert Eyslee – Assistant Chief Lighting Technician ("The Catwalk")
  • Shawn Fairburn – "B" Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Gino Ghiselli – Set Dressing Lead Man ("The Catwalk")
  • Peter Hapke – "B" Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Roy Heath – Additional Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Rick Hester – Special Effects Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Mike Hunter – Swing Gang ("The Catwalk")
  • Nancy J. Hvasta Leonardi – Makeup Artist ("The Crossing", "Judgment")
  • Phil Jacobson – Lamp Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Mark Karen – "B" Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Barry Koper – Additional Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Rick Lamb – "B" Camera First Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Jeff Lewis – Makeup Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Ivan Marquez – Additional Wardrobe ("The Catwalk")
  • William Mayer – Dolly Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Jack McLean – Rigging Gaffer ("The Catwalk")
  • Bobbo Meyers – Lamp Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Abe Morrison – DGA Trainee ("The Catwalk")
  • John Nesterowicz – Set Property ("The Catwalk")
  • Frank O'Hea – Set Painter ("The Catwalk")
  • Chris Olvera – Rigging Grip ("The Catwalk")
  • Cristina Patterson Ceret – Contact Lens Designer/Painter
  • John Peyser – Special Effects Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • Butch Pierson – First Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Dave Pondella – Lamp Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Russ Rayburn – Swing Gang ("The Catwalk")
  • Mark Reilly – Prep First Assistant Camera Operator/First Assistant Camera Operator/"B" Camera First Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Eric Roberts – Video Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Tim Roller – "B" Camera First Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Linda Rowe – Animal Handler ("The Catwalk")
  • Scott Rowe – Animal Handler ("The Catwalk")
  • Charlie Russo – Set Property Master ("The Catwalk")
  • Lorri Sanders – Additional Hair Stylist ("The Catwalk")
  • Terry Shroth – Second Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Kelly Stevens – DGA Trainee ("The Catwalk")
  • Gary Tachell – First Assistant Camera Operator ("The Catwalk")
  • Jamie Thomas – Set Costumer ("The Catwalk")
  • Wil Thoms – Set Special Effects Artist ("The Catwalk")
  • David Trotti – Second Second Assistant Director ("The Catwalk")
  • Lazard Ward – Set Security ("The Catwalk")

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