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Title Episode Production number Date Original airdate
The Xindi 3x01 053 Unknown 2003-09-10
Anomaly 3x02 054 Unknown 2003-09-17
Extinction 3x03 055 Unknown 2003-09-24
Rajiin 3x04 056 Unknown 2003-10-01
Impulse 3x05 057 Unknown 2003-10-08
Exile 3x06 058 Unknown 2003-10-15
The Shipment 3x07 059 Unknown 2003-10-29
Twilight 3x08 060 Unknown 2003-11-05
North Star 3x09 061 Unknown 2003-11-12
Similitude 3x10 062 Unknown 2003-11-19
Carpenter Street 3x11 063 Unknown 2003-11-26
Chosen Realm 3x12 064 Unknown 2004-01-14
Proving Ground 3x13 065 2153-12-06 2004-01-21
Stratagem 3x14 066 2153-12-12 2004-02-04
Harbinger 3x15 067 2153-12-27 2004-02-11
Doctor's Orders 3x16 068 Unknown 2004-02-18
Hatchery 3x17 069 2154-01-08 2004-02-25
Azati Prime 3x18 070 2154-01 2004-03-03
Damage 3x19 071 Unknown 2004-04-21
The Forgotten 3x20 072 Unknown 2004-04-28
3x21 073 Unknown 2004-05-05
The Council 3x22 074 2154-02-12 2004-05-12
Countdown 3x23 075 2154-02-13 2004-05-19
Zero Hour 3x24 076 2154-02-14 2004-05-26


The third season of Star Trek: Enterprise focuses on Enterprise NX-01's mission to prevent a second Xindi attack from destroying Earth. Unlike the show's second season, Enterprise's third season embraces a heavily serialized format dedicated to the search for the Xindi primary weapon. Additionally, Archer, Trip, and T'Pol receive considerable character development throughout the year.

The season concludes with the destruction of the Xindi weapon and the beginning of a brief story line that will bring the unpopular Temporal Cold War to an end the following season.

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Music by

(not a complete list)

  • Dennis McCarthy ("The Xindi", "Impulse", "Twilight", "Carpenter Street", "Doctor's Orders", "Damage", "Countdown")
  • Jay Chattaway ("Anomaly", "The Shipment", "North Star", "Stratagem", "Azati Prime", "E²", "Zero Hour")
  • Velton Ray Bunch ("Extinction", "Exile", "Similitude", "Harbinger", "The Council")
  • Paul Baillargeon ("Rajiin", "Chosen Realm", "Hatchery", "The Forgotten")
  • John Frizzell ("Proving Ground")
  • Kevin Kiner ("Doctor's Orders", "Damage", "Countdown")


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