"The Kzinti fought four wars with Humankind, and lost all of them. The last one was two hundred years ago, and you haven't learned a thing since!"
– Hikaru Sulu, 2269 ("The Slaver Weapon")

Four wars between Man and Kzinti, or Human-Kzin wars, were fought in the late 21st century. The Kzinti lost all of these wars with Humankind.

Some Kzinti fed on the meat of Humans in the course of these conflicts.

Hikaru Sulu considered the Kzinti to have learned little since these wars, as they remained aggressive despite being forbidden all weapons beyond police vessels by the Treaty of Sirius. (TAS: "The Slaver Weapon")

In "The Slaver Weapon", Sulu says the last war between Kzinti and Humans "was two hundred years ago" from the standpoint of 2269. It is not known whether this is an exact figure or an approximation. In Larry Niven's original Known Space universe, which provided some source material in writing this episode, they were known as the Man-Kzin Wars, and the first such conflict was fought with sublight vessels, with the Kzinti only being defeated thanks to Earth acquiring faster-than-light travel. However, Star Trek: First Contact establishes that Earth's first recognized encounter with extraterrestrials occurred immediately after Zephram Cochrane's first manned warp flight in 2063, and VOY: "Friendship One" establishes that Humans still "had no idea" of what threats lay in space when the titular probe was launched in 2067, so the Kzinti would not seem to have been known to them before that point.

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