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The following is a list of Earth starships.

Ship name Ship type/class Affiliation Dates
Archon 2167
Arctic One Arctic One-type Earth Sciences Institute 2153
Ares IV ISA 2032
SS Botany Bay DY-100 1996-2266
Bonaventure (C1-21)
Bonaventure (10281NCC)
SS Buckaroo Banzai BBI-993 2137
Charybdis Explorer ship NASA 2037-2044
Columbia NX-02 NX-class Starfleet 2154
SS Columbia (NC-5940-1) Survey ship American Continent Institute 2236
SS Conestoga Colony ship 2069-2078
ECS Constellation Freighter Earth Cargo Authority 2153
Corsair Cargo ship 2154
DEV Eagle Valley DY-950 2183
USS Enterprise (XCV 330) Prior to 2143
Enterprise NX-01 NX-class Starfleet 2151-2161
USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) Constitution-class Federation Starfleet 2265-2267
ECS Fortunate Y class Earth Cargo Authority 2151
Friendship 1 Probe UESPA 2067
SS Hatteras DY-245 2187
SS Hokule'a DY-500-B 2102
ECS Horizon J class Earth Cargo Authority 2102-2153
Intrepid Intrepid-type 2153-2165
HMS Lord Nelson DY-500-C 2120
SS Mariposa DY-500 OCC 2123
HMS New Zealand DY-732(N) 2135
ECS North Star Earth Cargo Authority
NX-Alpha Starfleet (NX Program) 2143
NX-Beta Starfleet (NX Program) 2143
NX-Delta Starfleet (NX Program) 2144
Phoenix Warp ship 2063-2373
Republic Starfleet 2153
Sarajevo Sarajevo-type 2154
Saratoga Starfleet 2151
SS Seattle NAR18834 2120
Shenandoah Starfleet 2151
Ticonderoga Cargo ship 2154
SS Tomobiki RT-2203 2119
SS Urusei Yatsura DY-430 2146
SS Valiant Starship 2065
VK Velikan DY-1200 2160
VK Yuri Gagarin DY-732 2105

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