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Eben Ham (born 12 February 1962; age 59) is an actor who portrayed a recurring security ensign in several episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation. As a background actor he received no credit for his appearances. Ham also portrayed a Klingon Council member in The Next Generation third season episode "Sins of the Father" and worked as stand-in for guest actor Ed Lauter on the fifth season episode "The First Duty".

According to the call sheet of Tuesday 8 January 1991 he filmed a scene in engineering along with Joe Bauman, Craig Hurley, and stunt coordinator Dennis Madalone for the fourth season episode "Night Terrors". This scene was cut from the final episode. He was also scheduled to work as relief tactical officer in "Unification I", as holographic security officer in "Unification II", as a security officer in "Power Play", and again at the tactical station in "The Outcast" and "The Perfect Mate" but was replaced or not filmed.

Ham received his BA in Theater Arts from the UCLA and appeared in the horror films The Unnamable (1988, with Laura Albert and creature design by R. Christopher Biggs) and The Runestone (1991, with Lawrence Tierney, Donald Hotton, William Utay, and stunts by Maria Kelly, Patricia Tallman, and Tim Trella).

Throughout the 1990s he appeared in episodes of Tom (1994, with Jason Marsden), Meego (1997, with Ed Begley, Jr.), Step by Step (1995-1998, with Jason Marsden, Rick Scarry, Scarlett Pomers, and Ian Patrick Williams) [1], and Two of a Kind (1999). Ham was also featured in episodes of the daily soaps Santa Barbara, Days of Our Lives, and General Hospital.

Further television work includes episodes of Oh Baby (2000, with Patrick Kerr), Cursed (2001, with Steven Weber and Amy Pietz), Life with Bonnie (2004, with Terri Garr), The Studio (2005), Listen Up (2005, with Jason Alexander and Jamison Yang), How I Met Your Mother (2005 and 2007, with Suzie Plakson), Life (2009, with Titus Welliver and Victor Rivers), Nip/Tuck (2010), Two and a Half Men (2010), Criminal Minds (2010, with Rachel Nichols and Dan Warner), and Friends with Benefits (2011, with Merritt Yohnka).


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