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2375: Before he joined the crew of the U.S.S. da Vinci as their linguist, Dr. Bartholomew Faulwell served as a Starfleet cryptographer during the Dominion War. Of the many missions he performed, however, there is one he cannot discuss that still haunts his memory…
Once he was assigned with a team of specialists to a secret starbase near Dominion-controlled territory to listen in on enemy communications. At first the assignment is routine, but soon they discover vital intelligence that may change the face of the war!

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Background information

  • This is book three of the What's Past miniseries.
  • This eBook was collected in the print omnibus What's Past.
  • The cover of this eBook has an extra "N" in the title, suggesting that the name is "Echoes of Conventry", but the title page inside, colophon, and omnibus all refer to the book's title as "Echoes of Coventry".

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