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Ed Begley, Jr. (born 16 September 1949; age 74) is an actor from Los Angeles, California who played Henry Starling in the Star Trek: Voyager third season episodes "Future's End" and "Future's End, Part II".

He is one of the few people to have participated in both Star Trek and Star Wars, providing the voice of Boba Fett in the radio drama of Return of the Jedi.

Outside of Star Trek, he is best known to television audiences for his six-time Emmy Award-nominated role as Doctor Victor Ehrlich on St. Elsewhere. Throughout its run, the series also starred William Daniels, Norman Lloyd, Ronny Cox, Ellen Bry, France Nuyen, Chad Allen, Deborah May, Brian Tochi, Alfre Woodard, Bruce Greenwood, David Birney, and Jane Wyatt. Begley reprised his role as Ehrlich with a cameo in the 2000 TV movie Homicide: The Movie, co-starring Michelle Forbes and Reg E. Cathey.

He also had a recurring role on 7th Heaven, co-starring Stephen Collins and Catherine Hicks, and as Hiram Gunderson on Six Feet Under, which featured James Cromwell in its last two seasons.

Primarily a supporting actor, he has appeared in a number of films and TV movies opposite fellow Star Trek performers. He appeared in two Paul Bartel comedies featuring his Voyager co-star Robert Beltran: Eating Raoul (1982, with Hamilton Camp) and Scenes from the Class Struggle in Beverly Hills (1989, with Wallace Shawn). In 1983, he appeared in the comedy Get Crazy along with his Voyager co-star, Robert Picardo, as well as Malcolm McDowell, Dick Miller and Clint Howard. The other regular Trek performers he has appeared with on non-Trek projects are the late James Doohan in Storybook (1995, with Robert Costanzo and Robert Easton), René Auberjonois in Batman Forever (1995, with George D. Wallace), and Marina Sirtis in Net Games (2003). He also appeared in Columbo: How to Dial a Murder (1978) alongside Kim Cattrall and Tricia O'Neil, and sixteen years later co-starred in Columbo: Undercover, which was directed by Vincent McEveety.

Begley also co-starred in the 1994 fantasy The Pagemaster, which featured the voices of Trek regulars Leonard Nimoy, Patrick Stewart and Robert Picardo. The film also starred Christopher Lloyd and the voices of Whoopi Goldberg, Frank Welker and George Hearn. His other voice-work includes guest roles on episodes of Batman: The Animated Series (with Robert Costanzo, Ron Perlman and Brock Peters), Batman Beyond, and The Zeta Project (with Jason Marsden and Kevin Michael Richardson). Begley is one of only five actors who has appeared on both Batman: The Animated Series and a live-action film based on the Batman comics – the four others being René Auberjonois, John Glover, Vincent Schiavelli, and US Senator Patrick Leahy.

He also appeared in This Is Spinal Tap (1984), Best in Show (2000), and A Mighty Wind (2003), all of which co-starred fellow Voyager guest actor Michael McKean (with the latter also featuring Paul Dooley and Bill Cobbs). Begley also co-starred with McKean in the films Young Doctors in Love (1982, with Saul Rubinek, Deborah Lacey, Charlie Brill and Hamilton Camp), Auto Focus (2002), and Relative Strangers (2006).

His many other film credits also include a brief appearance in Hardcore (1979, with Gary Graham, Marc Alaimo and Bibi Besch) and larger supporting roles in An Officer and a Gentleman (1982, with Tony Plana), Cat People (1982, with Star Trek Generations actor Malcolm McDowell, who co-starred with Begley in Get Crazy the following year, and John Larroquette, Protocol (1984, with Joel Brooks, Cliff DeYoung, Kenneth Mars, Jeanne Mori, Chris Sarandon, Gail Strickland, Keith Szarabajka, George D. Wallace and Paul Willson), The Accidental Tourist (1988, with Star Trek: The Next Generation guest star David Ogden Stiers), Greedy (1994, with Olivia d'Abo and Kirsten Dunst), I'm Losing You (1998, with Salome Jens and Frank Langella), and Get Over It (2001, starring Kirsten Dunst).

Begley has worked with both Captain Braxtons: Allan G. Royal in Future's End and Bruce McGill in both the 1977 film Handle with Care (along with Charles Napier) and the 2008 film Recount, about the contested 2000 presidential election. In this film, Begley played real-life Democratic strategist David Boies while McGill played Mac Stipanovich. Recount also starred fellow Trek alum Jack Shearer, who played Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia.

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