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Eddie Jones (died 18 October 1999; age 65) was a groundbreaking space artist from England. He lacked a formal background in art, but quickly distinguished himself, making his first sale in 1958. In 1969, he became the art director for Visions of Tomorrow, a short-lived British magazine. The Science Fiction Writers of America memorialized the artist in their obituary as "the precursor to a generation of artists that helped define the look of early '70s SF illustration." [1]

He provided the art for some of the James Blish novelizations, including Star Trek 10, Star Trek 11, and Star Trek 12. He also did the art for the original printing of World Without End, Planet of Judgment, and covers for both The New Voyages and The New Voyages 2. He signed several of his Star Trek covers with the name "Fantoni".

He also did work for Vector, the magazine of the British Science Fiction Association, and was a founding member of the Liverpool Group. This was a group of SF fans who met at the Shorrocks on Sunday nights to drink homemade wine and eat unusual food. Among the group was a young Ramsey Campbell, who later wrote many horror novels.