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Edithe Swensen is a writer and producer who wrote with Brannon Braga the teleplay for the Star Trek: The Next Generation fifth season episode "Imaginary Friend". She was interviewed by Bill Florence for the article "Edithe Swensen: Pal of the "Imaginary Friend"" in The Official Star Trek: The Next Generation Magazine issue 27, pp. 52-55.

Swensen worked as executive story editor, writer for five episodes and later co-producer on the science fiction series Odyssey 5 between 2002 and 2003, created by Manny Coto and starring Peter Weller and Leslie Silva. She previously worked as story editor and writer of three episodes on the television series Charmed (1998-1999).

Swensen also wrote stories for episodes of Crossbow (1987), Tales from the Darkside (1985-1988), Monsters (1988-1991), The Hidden Room (1991, with Barbara Williams), Xena: Warrior Princess (2000), Witchblade (2001), and Beach Girls (2005). Other writing credits include the movie The Adventures of William Tell (1989), the television drama They (1993), the television thriller Voice from the Grave (1996, with Robert Knepper, April Grace, and Eric Menyuk), the drama Too Young to Be a Dad (2002, with Bruce Davison), the television thriller Student Seduction (2003), the television drama All the Good Ones Are Married (2007), the drama Safe Harbour (2007, with Kate Vernon and Jack Donner), the television thriller The Governor's Wife (2008, with Emily Bergl and Deborah Van Valkenburgh), and the television movie Our First Christmas (2008, with Julie Warner and Richard Riehle).

More recently, Swensen wrote the television drama Bond of Silence (2010, with Greg Grunberg and Rob LaBelle) and the television drama Who is Clark Rockefeller? (2010, with Stephen McHattie) on which she also worked as producer.

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