You may also be looking for the Edo, first featured in the TNG episode "Justice".
You may also be looking for the Edosian orchid, mentioned in the DS9 episode "Broken Link".
Sarah April and young Spock overlook the infantile Arex, Uhura, Kirk and Sulu

A young Edosian (left)

Edosians (or Edoans) were a tripedal species, having three arms, three legs and three fingers on each hand, hailing from the planet Edos.

An Edosian named Arex was a member of the USS Enterprise's crew in 2269-70. (Star Trek: The Animated Series)

Edosians were susceptible to the Dramia II plague. (TAS: "Albatross")

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The name of Arex's homeworld originated in a non-canon catalog published by Lincoln Enterprises in 1974, which included biographies of Arex and M'Ress. The Edosians were described as a peaceful, long-lived species worshiping many gods. Though the Animated Series may suggest that the Edosians are Federation members, the Lincoln biography claims they are merely in "loose alliance." Despite the information from the biography not being canon, the name of the planet seems to have been accepted in canon, and uses information from it.

Knowledge of the Edosian suckerfish among Humans, as mentioned in ENT: "These Are the Voyages...", suggests first contact with Earth, or affiliated species, at a date prior to 2161.

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Both Arex and M'Ress appeared in the DC Comics Star Trek title starting with issue #37 of Volume 1, both having being assigned to the USS Enterprise-A.

Arex also appeared in Star Trek Omnibus: The Original Series in the issues Star Trek: Year Four and Star Trek: Year Four - The Enterprise Experiment.

In the Star Trek: Titan novels, Lieutenant Kershu, an Edosian female, serves as a nurse aboard the USS Titan.

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