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Edward "Eddie" L. Williams worked in the visual effects department of three of the Star Trek spin-off series. He began in 1993 as a Visual Effects Associate at the start of Star Trek: The Next Generation's sixth season. (Cinefantastique, Vol 23,#5, p. 62) By the end of that show's seventh and final season, he was alternating between Visual Effects Associate and Visual Effects Coordinator. He was also an uncredited visual effects coordinator on "Emissary", the pilot for Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. For the Star Trek: Voyager pilot episode "Caretaker", Williams shared an Emmy Award in 1995 in the category Outstanding Individual Achievement – Special Visual Effects, shared with Dan Curry, David Stipes, Joe Bauer, Michael Backauskas, Scott Rader, Don Greenberg, Adam Howard, Don Lee, Robert Stromberg, John F.K. Parenteau, Joshua D. Rose, and Joshua Cushner

After TNG wrapped production in 1994, Williams joined DS9 as Visual Effects Series Coordinator, beginning with the third season episode "The Die is Cast". He held this position on the series until at least the end of the sixth season, sometimes filling in as an episode's Visual Effects Coordinator throughout season four. During his time on DS9, he was simultaneously working as Visual Effects Series Coordinator on Star Trek: Voyager's first two seasons. He occasionally served as Visual Effects Supervisor for both series.

In addition, Williams was the Visual Effects Supervisor for the video game Star Trek: Borg.

Career outside Star Trek

Outside of Star Trek, Williams also did miniature design work for the acclaimed 1988 mini-series War and Remembrance. He and his fellow staff members in the effects department won an Emmy Award in 1989 in the category of Outstanding Achievement in Special Visual Effects for that production. Williams' other credits include Visual Effects Production Supervisor on the 1997 film The Devil's Advocate (working with the likes of Richard Greenberg and Adam Howard), Visual Effects Producer on the TV movies Live from Baghdad (2002, working with Thomas Mahoney) and Mayday (2005) and Visual Effects Supervisor for the TV movies The Pentagon Papers (2003, working with Tom Mahoney and Scott Rader) and See Arnold Run (2005).

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