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Real World article
(written from a Production point of view)

It happened in Space Sector G-5!


Seriously wounded in a meteorite storm, Kirk is replaced by the insane Captain Eustace Hensham.

Memorable quotes

"Why the blazes didn't you warn us Uhura?"

- Kirk

"You men! What the deuce do you mean by daring to cross my path in that disgusting state?"
"They're just off shift, sir......"
"Are you condoning their filthy appearance, Ensign? Be careful, or I'll see you returned to ground duty! You have ten minutes to clean up and report to me in Number One dress! This ship obviously lacks discipline!"

- Hensham and an unnamed Ensign

"Good grief! The– The inhabitants are giants!"

- Spock

Background information


  • Kirk, Hensham, and Uhura are the only crew members to wear red; everyone else wears blue.
  • Kirk is absent for most of this story.
  • One of the crewmen swears by Jupiter.

Setting and technology

Enterprise lands on Carnak

The Enterprise deploys her vertical thrusters

  • Chekov is aboard, placing the story between 2267 and 2269.
  • The Enterprise is able to land and take off from the planet Carnak using vertical thrusters.
  • The Enterprise blows her neutronic particle tanks from her upper hull which cancels the anti-video effect of a satellite.
  • Communicators act as universal translators, and when shut off, Spock can talk with Scotty and Chekov, but the Carnak president cannot understand them. Their volume can also be raised.

Publishing history

None of the UK weekly stories had titles.


Regular cast

Other characters

  • Captain Eustace Hensham
  • Admiral Martin, Starfleet
  • Mankar, son of the Carnak president

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