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The Eisenberg class was a type of Federation starship operated by Starfleet during the 31st and 32nd centuries.


The Eisenberg-class was in service prior to the Burn

In 3069, this class saw the loss of many of its ships to the Burn. Ships with active warp cores were destroyed when their dilithium became inert, resulting in antimatter explosions. (DIS: "People of Earth")

In 3189, the fleet at Federation Headquarters included the USS Nog, a ship of this class. The collective energy of this fleet sustained a distortion field that concealed the headquarters' location. (DIS: "Die Trying")

Dismayed that Cleveland Booker and Ruon Tarka stole the Federation's only prototype of a second generation spore drive in 3190, Fleet Admiral Charles Vance issued orders to scramble all available ships to track them down, including Eisenberg-class ships and shuttles. (DIS: "All In")

Ships commissioned




Background information

The Eisenberg-class was designed by Ryan Dening. [1]

First mentioned in the episode "All In", the class was, according to Alex Kurtzman, named in tribute to Aron Eisenberg, the actor who portrayed Nog on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. [2]

A better view of the design was used in promotional artwork on social media. [3]


The second edition of Eaglemoss/Hero Collector's Star Trek: Shipyards - Starfleet Ships 2294 to the Future listed both the USS Cuyahoga (NCC-325069) and the USS Grechko (β) (NCC-325071) as members of this class.

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