Ekosian Chancellery

The onetime Ekosian Chancellery, in 2268 serving as both Führer headquarters and SS facility

The Ekosian Chancellery was the headquarters of both the Ekosian government and the Ekos National Socialist Party in 2268. It was located in the capital city of the planet.

Building layout

Kirk and Spock confronted by Ekosian SS Major

Kirk and Spock converse with an SS officer outside the Ekosian Chancellery

The main building consisted of three stories with the front of the building draped with swastika flags. To the right of the building was a wing or annex, also three stories in height, extending at least three office lengths on each floor. Trimmed bushes lined the front of the complex, with the main windows on the first floor covered with white shutters. The building also appeared to make use of 1960s vintage air conditioning units.

As the Ekosians were humanoid, the building held similar architectural design to other species, rating slightly higher on the Industrial scale of 1930s Germany, upon which the concept of the Chancellery appeared to have been designed.

Internal layout

James Kirk with SS gold pip

A cloak room inside the Chancellery

The Chancellery held a main entrance hallway, along which were various offices, cloak rooms, and adjacent passageways. A broadcast booth was constructed under tight security, and it was here that John Gill announced his Führer speeches to the Ekosians.

The Chancellery also housed a basement containing an SS jail, known as the Chancellery Detention Center. The building also contained a science laboratory, although the facilities were less advanced than those at the Ekosian Gestapo Command Headquarters. Even so, the laboratories at the Chancellery were capable of at least some form of Human experimentation, since an SS officer smiled and agreed when Captain James T. Kirk (in SS disguise) remarked that two Zeons were being taken to the lab for experiments.

Functions and security

Ekosian Gestapo general

A meeting and ceremony parlor inside the Chancellery

The Chancellery was designed to host Nazi Party functions, complete with food and beverage, and held security for the top most trusted officials of the Party. Both Chairman Eneg and Secretary Daras had clearance to enter the building. (TOS: "Patterns of Force")

Background information

The Ekosian Führer headquarters were the lightly-redecorated real-world offices of the old Paramount Pictures, the next-door neighbor of Desilu. Lucille Ball sold Desilu – and Star Trek – to Paramount's owner in mid-1967 but it was not until December, when this episode was in production, that the new unit Paramount Television completely merged the two studios and tore down the wall between the two buildings.

The windows and shutters of the Chancellery exterior are all closed, for the real world reason that the building was an active office of Paramount Pictures with daily business going on inside while the film crew and actors were shooting the exterior. Even so, two individuals (who appear to be curious Paramount Pictures employees) can be seen looking down on the courtyard from an upper window.

The name of the building and institution implied that Gill, similar to his role model Adolf Hitler, had occupied the position of chancellor prior to or during his tenure as Führer.

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