Elani was a female Drayan.

In 2372, Elani met Tuvok from the USS Voyager when he was marooned on a moon after a shuttle accident. She was accompanied by two other children, Tressa and Corin.

Elani had asked Tuvok to save her as she was left to die on the moon by the Drayans, and that she was afraid that she would be killed by a creature called the morrok. When a Drayan landing party arrived on the moon, Tuvok helped her and the other children hide from the team. The next day, Elani and one of the other children went missing with only their clothes left behind.

After being confronted by the Drayans, Tuvok learned that the children were not actually children in age, but adults at the end of their life. The Drayan's aging process was reversed and the moon was the Drayan's sacred shrine where they came to die a natural death. (VOY: "Innocence")

Elani was played by Sarah Rayne.
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