This is a list of all element names alphabetically.

Element Name Source
accurentum TNG: "Rascals"
aluminum Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
antideuterium TNG: "Night Terrors"
argon TNG: "The Chase"
astatine DS9: "Paradise"
averyonium TNG: "Rascals"
babaloo TNG: "Rascals"
barium VOY: "Tuvix"
beium TNG: "Rascals"
bermanium TNG: "Rascals"
beryllium TOS: "I, Mudd"
bilitrium DS9: "Past Prologue"
boridium TOS: "Wolf in the Fold"
boron DS9: "Blaze of Glory"
brownfieldium TNG: "Rascals"
bugsonian TNG: "Rascals"
cadmium TNG: "Home Soil"
calcium TOS: "The Omega Glory"
calendenium TNG: "Night Terrors"
californium TNG: "Rascals"
carbon TOS: "The Omega Glory"
cavorite TNG: "Rascals"
celebium TOS: "Turnabout Intruder"
cerium TOS: "The Devil in the Dark"
chanockian TNG: "Rascals"
cheeseium TNG: "Rascals"
chico TNG: "Rascals"
chlorine TOS: "The Man Trap"
chromium TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds"
chronister TNG: "Rascals"
clancium TNG: "Night Terrors"
cobalt TNG: "Conundrum"
copper TOS: "The Man Trap"
cortenum VOY: "Investigations"
corundium DS9: "The Forsaken"
cosmoium TNG: "Rascals"
craftium TNG: "Rascals"
curly TNG: "Rascals"
daffyduckium TNG: "Rascals"
dentium TNG: "Rascals"
deuridium DS9: "The Passenger"
deuterium TNG: "Heart of Glory"
diboridium DS9: "Babel"
diburnium TOS: "That Which Survives"
dicobalt ENT: "Horizon"
dikironium TOS: "Obsession"
dilithium TOS: "Journey to Babel"
disilicon ENT: "Fight or Flight"
disneyium TNG: "Rascals"
drapanas TNG: "Rascals"
duckdodgers TNG: "Rascals"
dysprosium TNG: "Manhunt"
einsteinium Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
erbium TNG: "Manhunt"
estonianium TNG: "Rascals"
europium TNG: "Manhunt"
exatanium VOY: "Vis à Vis"
exitstageleft TNG: "Rascals"
fieldium TNG: "Rascals"
fistrium TNG: "Silicon Avatar"
fluorine TNG: "Interface"
fortanium TNG: "Masks"
franconium TNG: "Rascals"
freedonia TNG: "Rascals"
gadolinium TNG: "Manhunt"
germanium TNG: "Home Soil"
gold TOS: "The Devil in the Dark"
groucho TNG: "Rascals"
grouchoian TNG: "Rascals"
harpo TNG: "Rascals"
hawkeye TNG: "Rascals"
helium TNG: "Masks"
hobbes TNG: "Rascals"
holmium TNG: "Manhunt"
hydrogen TOS: "The Alternative Factor"
illium TNG: "Pen Pals"
invidium TNG: "Hollow Pursuits"
iridium TNG: "Bread and Circuses"
irillium TOS: "Requiem for Methuselah"
iron TOS: "The Squire of Gothos"
jamesium TNG: "Rascals"
johnsonium TNG: "Rascals"
jonesium TNG: "Rascals"
kefnium TNG: "Galaxy's Child"
keiyurium TNG: "Rascals"
krypton TOS: "The Galileo Seven"
kryptonite TNG: "Rascals"
latinum DS9: "Emissary"
lead TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
lithium TOS: "Where No Man Has Gone Before"
magnesium TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds"
magnumium PI TNG: "Rascals"
manganese TNG: "The Best of Both Worlds"
mazdaium TNG: "Rascals"
meeseian TNG: "Rascals"
mercury TOS: "The Galileo Seven"
molybdenum TNG: "The Most Toys"
monotanium VOY: "Hunters"
monty TNG: "Rascals"
neodymium DS9: "In the Cards"
neon TOS: "The Galileo Seven"
neskoromnium TNG: "Rascals"
nickel TOS: "Metamorphosis"
nitrium TNG: "Cost of Living"
nitrogen TOS: "The Cage"
noranium TNG: "The Vengeance Factor"
osmium TOS: "That Which Survives"
oxygen TOS: "The Cage"
paralithium VOY: "The Chute"
paramount TNG: "Rascals"
pergium TOS: "The Devil in the Dark"
phosphorus TOS: "The Omega Glory"
pillerium TNG: "Rascals"
platinum TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever"
plutonium TNG: "Night Terrors"
poi TNG: "Rascals"
potassium TOS: "The Omega Glory"
potatoeium TNG: "Rascals"
princessium TNG: "Rascals"
purseronite TNG: "Rascals"
quarkian TNG: "Rascals"
redskinium TNG: "Rascals"
rhodium DS9: "For the Uniform"
rhubarbium TNG: "Rascals"
rodinium TOS: "Balance of Terror"
rubidium VOY: "Think Tank"
rubindium TOS: "Patterns of Force"
samarium TNG: "Manhunt"
sarium VOY: "Real Life"
selenium TNG: "Final Mission"
silicon TOS: "The Devil in the Dark"
silithium DS9: "Destiny"
silver TOS: "The Naked Time"
sirillium VOY: "Flashback"
snarkium TNG: "Rascals"
sodium TNG: "Home Soil"
solanogen TNG: "Schisms"
smutkoian TNG: "Rascals"
stimsonium TNG: "Rascals"
stoogeian TNG: "Rascals"
stoogeium TNG: "Rascals"
sufferin'sucat TNG: "Rascals"
sulfur TOS: "Arena"
tellerium VOY: "Resistance"
terbium TNG: "Manhunt"
terminium Star Trek III: The Search for Spock
tetraburnium VOY: "Extreme Risk"
thallium TOS: "Who Watches The Watchers"
theta-xenon VOY: "Flashback"
thomsonian TNG: "Rascals"
thorium DS9: "The Siege"
tin VOY: "Muse"
titanium TOS: "I, Mudd"
tngonian TNG: "Rascals"
triadium VOY: "Rise"
tricobalt TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon"
trilithium Star Trek Generations
trillium TOS: "Errand of Mercy"
tritanium TOS: "Obsession"
tritium DS9: "When It Rains..."
tritonium DS9: "Indiscretion"
tungsten VOY: "Investigations"
ultritium TNG: "Manhunt"
uranium TOS: "The Devil in the Dark"
uridium DS9: "Civil Defense"
veridium Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country
verterium VOY: "Investigations"
victurium TNG: "Hero Worship"
xenon TNG: "Legacy"
yacobian TNG: "Rascals"
yominum Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home
ytterbium DS9: "Our Man Bashir"
zeppo TNG: "Rascals"
zinc TOS: "The City on the Edge of Forever"
247th element VOY: "Emanations"

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