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Eline was a native of Kataan. She lived in the community of Ressik. She was the wife of Kamin, the identity under which Jean-Luc Picard experienced a lifetime of memories in 2368 after encountering a probe launched from Kataan.

Kamin's first gift for his wife was a necklace that resembled the Kataan probe. Picard, as Kamin, had two children with Eline, Meribor and Batai, the latter named after a mutual friend of the same name, who had died shortly before his namesake's birth.

Kamin was very fond of Eline's cooking, especially liking her soup. When he was ill, she refused to take him to the hospital but nursed him back to health herself. She thought of him as the best iron weaver in the whole community and always had to put away his shoes for him, as he always forgot to.

She had undergone surgery late in her life and only partially recovered, dying a short while later and leaving Kamin to bear witness to the death of their culture. (TNG: "The Inner Light")

Eline was played by actress Margot Rose.
In Morgan Gendel's never-produced sequel to "The Inner Light", the Enterprise found Eline in suspended animation. [1]
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