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For the daughter of Charles Tucker III and T'Pol, please see Elizabeth.
"I tried not to see her any differently than the other seven million, so I've spent the last nine months trying to pretend that she was just another victim... but she's my sister, T'Pol. My baby sister."

Elizabeth Tucker was a 22nd century Human, born and raised in Florida. She was the younger sister of Charles Tucker III, who nicknamed her "Lizzie."


Elizabeth Tucker, young

A young Elizabeth in Trip's dream

When she was very young, she would "scream like a banshee" when her brother, Trip, didn't take her to the movies. (ENT: "The Expanse")

She once had a dollhouse that he put a garden snake into as a prank. (ENT: "Similitude")

She was an architect, and Trip noted that she went on a lot of trips to oversee and present projects.

In March 2153, Elizabeth was missing following the Xindi attack on Earth, which also claimed the lives of seven million other people, and presumed to have been killed at her home in Florida after too much time passed with no one hearing from her. Trip lost a lot of sleep over this, and was helped to get over his sister's death by crewmate T'Pol, using Vulcan neuro-pressure. Even Andorian Commander Shran expressed his condolences to Trip, after having been told by Enterprise NX-01 captain Jonathan Archer. (ENT: "The Expanse", "The Xindi", "Proving Ground")

Her half-Vulcan niece, Elizabeth, was named after her. (ENT: "Terra Prime")

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Elizabeth Tucker was played by actress Erin Price. The young Elizabeth Tucker seen briefly in Tucker's dream in "The Xindi" was played by an unknown actress.

During a dream sequence in "The Xindi", two versions of Elizabeth Tucker appear – a child version who was scripted to be eight years old, and an adult version who was scripted as being "in her early 20's." In the same script, these depictions of the character were both described as "wearing a blue dress," which matches how she is represented in the final version of the episode.

Trip actor Connor Trinneer once implied that he believes Elizabeth Tucker was used to symbolize the victims of the September 11 attacks, saying, "I think that Trip’s mourning his sister had a lot to do with that grieving process." [1]

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The novelization of "The Expanse" and "The Xindi" (entitled The Expanse) characterizes Elizabeth Tucker as having a conservationist mentality, alternate to her brother's interest in space, and portrays her as scuba-diving off the Florida Keys at the time of her death.

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