The Ellora were one of two primitive races, including the Tarlac, that were conquered by the Son'a in 2325. The Ellorans' heads were surrounded by a patterned bone plate. The female and male Ellora shared exactly the same look.

By 2375, both the Ellora and the Tarlac were fully integrated into the Son'a society as indentured servants. (Star Trek: Insurrection)

According to Star Trek: Insurrection text commentary, the Ellora make-up and head prosthetics were inspired by triceratops, suggesting that they could be a saurian species. Also, like the Tarlac, the T-zone of the Ellora actresses did not have prosthetics in order to utilize their natural beauty.
According to Star Trek: Star Charts, the Ellora were from the Ellora star system (p. 55), and Ellora was located in the Beta Quadrant (p. 60). The system was a binary star system, with the primary as a small A-type main-sequence star and the secondary as an orange dwarf.


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