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"Choose to live."
– Elnor to Tenqem Adrev, 2399 ("Absolute Candor")

Elnor was a male Romulan who lived during the late 24th century. He was a survivor of the Romulan supernova event and was relocated as a child to Vashti, where he trained with the Qowat Milat to follow the Way of Absolute Candor and to proficiently use a tan qalanq.


In 2385, during Admiral Picard's effort to rescue Romulans from the impending Romulan supernova, a young Elnor was taken under the wing of the Qowat Milat on Vashti, in the Beta Quadrant.

Picard visited the place several times and the Qowat Milat helped to relocate over 250,000 refugees on Vashti alone. Despite his slight aversion of children, Picard grew fond of the young Elnor, often telling him stories about the late Commander Data. On one occasion, he brought him a copy of the book, The Three Musketeers, which they read together.

During a fencing lesson with the boy, Picard was informed of the rogue synths' attack on Mars. Shocked at the news, he bid farewell to the Romulans and told them he'd be back soon.

Picard failed to return to the enclave, and in the chaos of the following years, Qowat Milat were unable to find a better place for Elnor to live. Thus, he remained with the sisters, training with a tan qalanq. (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

Joining Picard

The reunion

In 2399, Picard finally returned to Vashti aboard La Sirena and pled for the Qowat Milat's help in his quest to find and protect Soji Asha. At the urging of their leader, Zani, Picard made his case to Elnor. Now a young man, Elnor initially expressed his frustration by Picard's abandonment, but eventually agreed to bind himself to the mission as a qalankhkai, since it met the requirements for worthiness, i.e. it was a lost cause. (PIC: "Absolute Candor")

The mission

As part of his mission aboard La Sirena, Elnor participated in their expedition to the Artifact to try and find Soji. Elnor wanted to protect Picard aboard the cube, but was held back. However, Elnor defied his orders and beamed aboard the Artifact to protect Picard, as well as Soji and the XB Hugh from attacking Romulans. Soji and Picard escaped via the Queencell's spatial trajector, as Elnor wished to remain behind to cover their escape. (PIC: "The Impossible Box")

Hugh's final moments.

Due to Hugh's refusal to tell Narissa the fate of Picard and Soji, several XBs were executed aboard the Artifact. Seeing this, Elnor elected to remain behind to aid Hugh. However, Narissa and her Zhat Vash forces eventually caught up with the two, killing Hugh. Realizing he would need an XB to activate the Queencell, Elnor contacted Seven of Nine of the Fenris Rangers to try and aid him. (PIC: "Nepenthe") With Seven's help, they devised a scheme to activate the Borg in stasis aboard the cube Romulans by creating a sort of "mini-collective" with Seven as the Queen. As they tried to do this however, Narissa released the Borg into space. (PIC: "Broken Pieces")



Background information

Elnor was played by Evan Evagora.

Michael Chabon shared on an Instagram Q-and-A that "Elnor" roughly translates from Elvish, a constructed language from The Lord of the Rings also associated with pointed ears: "él" (star) "nor-" (trek/run.)[1]

Elnor wears a belt with "sem n'hak kon" inscribed on it. This means "now is the only moment",[2] something akin to what Kamin says in TNG: "The Inner Light".

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