Emergency Medical Android

The Emergency Medical Android

The Emergency Medical Android was a character from The Voyager Encounter simulation in the Kyrian Museum of Heritage.

In this simulation, the "EMA" developed biogenic weapons during the Vaskan-Kyrian war and tortured prisoners with a neural solvent to gain tactical information for the warship Voyager.

The EMH backup module was discovered in 3074, and The Doctor had to defend himself from accusations of committing war crimes in 2374, although the simple fact of his holographic nature was enough to make the Kyrians question what they had known. (VOY: "Living Witness")

The outer appearance of the EMA was quite similar to the EMH, except for the yellow hue of its eyes, comparable to fellow android Lieutenant Commander Data, and quiet mechanical sounds when it moved.
Like the EMH, the EMA was portrayed by Robert Picardo.
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