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Emily Coutts (born 4 July 1989; age 31) is an actress who plays the role of helmsman Keyla Detmer on Star Trek: Discovery. She also has played her mirror universe counterpart, who is the first officer of that universe's Shenzhou. She is Canadian, and holds a BFA in acting from York University.

As an actress, she first appeared in 2011 in The Bright Side of the Moon. Among her movies are Crimson Peak (2015, with Leslie Hope) and the shorts Bullet-Headed, Satisfaction, As I Like Her, Cherry, Can't Close a Painted Eye, 3-Way (Not Calling) and Come Back. She also produced one movie she appeared in, Barn Wedding, in 2015.

On television, she appeared in episodes of The L.A. Complex, Transporter: The Series, The Next Step, The Girlfriend Experience, Dark Matter (with Conrad Coates), and Murdoch Mysteries. She also had a role in the 2014 TV movie Best Christmas Party Ever.

In 2019, she will star in the drama Goliath.

Star Trek appearances

As Keyla Detmer

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