The Eminian Union was the polity that governed Eminiar VII in the late 23rd century. The High Council was the governing body of the Union; its chief occupation at the time of Kirk's visit in 2267 was prosecuting the war with their sister planet Vendikar (Eminiar III). The High Council consisted of at least five councilors, led by Anan 7. The Council was supported by various attachés, adjutants, and other functionaries, including Mea 3 and Sar 6. The Council and other important government apparatus was housed in the Division of Control.

The people of the Eminian Union supported their government to the extent that they would report to a disintegration station when ordered to do so; this implies an extremely high degree of indoctrination, or an incredible sense of duty, or both. Mea 3 justified her willingness to die with the passionate argument that doing otherwise would invite the total destruction of their society, when Vendikar attacked with real weapons.

The people of Eminiar had spaceflight for several centuries at the time of Kirk's visit, but did not venture off of their homeworld, with the exception of the long ago colonization of Vendikar. (TOS: "A Taste of Armageddon")

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