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The "Emissary" soundtrack was released by GNP Crescendo Records in 1993, and featured the score to the premiere episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, "Emissary".

Track list

# Name/Runtime
1 Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Main Title (1:55)
2 Wolf 359 (4:50)
3 The Enterprise Departs / A New Home (1:10)
4 Trashed and Thrashed (1:59)
5 Bajor / Jake / Saying Goodbye* (1:44)
6 Cucumbers in Space (1:44)
7 New Personality (2:17)
8 Into the Wormhole (3:41)
9 Time Stood Still (4:13)
10 Searching for Relatives (1:13)
11 Painful Memories (4:21)
12 Passage Terminated (3:44)
13 Back to the Saratoga / What Shields? (2:00)
14 Reconciliation (3:18)
15 The Sisko Kid (4:40)
16 A New Beginning (1:47)
17 Theme from Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Single Version) (4:16)
18 Passage Terminated (Single Version) (3:31)
Total running time: 52:23

Background information

  • The front inlay gets the episode name wrong - referring to "The Emissary", rather than the correct "Emissary".
  • Lukas Kendal of Film Score Monthly wrote: "Here at long last, Dennis McCarthy has been unleashed by the producers upon an unsuspecting mass of soundtrack collectors to prove his abilities. Without a doubt, the battle at "Wolf 359" is a spectacular musical presentation of the Federation's greatest defeat, complete with synth chorus, much of it inaudible in the actual episode. The same can be said for "The Sisko Kid," as the crew of DS9 face off against the Cardassians before Sisko's timely arrival".

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